About us

As you may already understand, within the FOREX industry, honesty and integrity are not always at the forefront of everyone’s mind. Since beginning our journey into the financial markets, myself and my business partner have had to overcome huge hurdles to get to where we are today. Wether the hurdle be a scam of a course labelled as a ‘get rich, quick scheme’, or if it is an influencer in the industry advertising themselves as something they are not, we got passed it, and so can you. 

We are two young, successful traders of the financial markets, originating in Central England. With the goal and sole ambition of achieving financial freedom, we set out to begin trading at the age of 17. Years later we have now decided to give back to the community of FOREX, and provide a platform for traders of all backgrounds, to learn and grow without obstacles.

Here at CorEX, we ourselves have had to fight our way through the good and the bad of the industry, but we got here in the end. And now, it is time for us to create a simple pathway to success, to ensure our followers can maximize their knowledge and be free of unnecessary difficulty. 

To find our more about the courses we offer, please follow the link below and join us on our journey to financial freedom!

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James & Sam @ CorEX