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The Core Knowledge of Exchange

We offer the platform, to take your dream of trading the financial markets, to reality.

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We don’t lie

We offer the simplistic necessities required to begin your journey to trade the financial markets. Detailing the software, applications and platforms required in order to have the means to take money directly from the markets.

It’s simple, we take your dream, and put it on track to become reality. 

CorEX Enhanced Beginners Pack

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Began working with CorEX at the start of August and have since gained what I was looking for.

I am now completing a course about analysis and trading demo.

Jack McKenna


Was very daunting when I decided to trade for the first time.

Corex have guided me in the right direction. Great E-Book!

Sara Solcolme

We reveal the next steps.

Becoming a trader can be daunting, especially with the overload of information out there for you to read up by yourself online. Although it may seem like a mountain too tall to climb, we don’t think so.

Once you have completed to entirety of the course we offer, we breakdown the next steps for yourself into the trading world and offer our advise on who and where to place your trust. We’ve been there, we know it’s tough.

CorEX Digital Beginners Pack

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